Murputja Anangu School

Kunpu – Ninti – Rikina

Strong – Smart – Rikina

At Murputja Anangu School, our students grow to become strong, smart and confident young people. Through a culture of high expectations relationships, we provide opportunities and support for all learners to develop to their full potential in an environment of inclusivity and strong cultural identity.

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About Murputja Anangu School

Murputja Anangu School was established in 1993 to provide education for children from the communities of Kanpi, Nyapari and the Angatja Homelands. Children of families from Watarru now also attend. The school provides education from Birth to Year 12 and employs both Anangu and non-Indigenous teaching and support staff. There is a strong performance and development culture and Murputja Anangu School is part of the Anangu Lands Partnership.

Murputja Anangu School supports families and children to connect with diverse educational opportunities through relationships with the Wiltja program at Woodville High School and Windsor Gardens High School, the Umuwa Trade Training Centre, TAFE SA and other programs.

Students and families have strong connections to Anangu culture and language. All students speak Pitjantjatjara. English is predominantly a school-based language.

Kanpi Community provides access to the local Mai Wiru Store and has an access point for government services. Nyapari Community provides access to the local Nganampa Health clinic and has the world famous Tjungu Palya Art Centre.

Planning & Reporting

Context Statement

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Contact Us

Principal: Mr Luke Carter

Phone: 8956 7357


Address: Murputja SA 0872

Postal Address: PMB 150 via Alice Springs, Alice Springs Private Bags SA 0872

Region: Far North

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Let us know if you have feedback or a complaint, or if you want to give us a compliment. Feedback is valuable as it helps us shape our services to meet your needs.